Gps Vehicle Tracking System

Marthak Software Solutions Providing Gps vehicle tracking system services to clients. What is GPS based Vehicle Tracking? Vehicle tracking is the use of multiple advanced technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) for accurately identifying, locating, managing assets in real time. Individuals, fleet owners to monitor the location of these vehicles and also keep a check on their efficiencies, can use this location data and movement data.

Web Design & Development

In tandem with web design, web development plays a vital role in your business site success. While web design covers the graphics and layout of your site, web development is the core coding that holds your web applications together. Strong web development bolsters your web design so that you have error-free loading pages and a flexible web structure to support an expanding business. Marthak Software Solutions provides web design and web development rooted in creativity and founded in technical expertise..

IT Project Training Rajkot,Gujarat,India - Marthak Software Solutions

IT Training

Marthak Software solutions starting a new service IT Project Training for student as part of last semester project training Our company aim to give the knowledge to the student to learn new things from our professional trainer who trained to the student Visit our place face to face to give more information about our IT Project Training session.

Responsive Web Design

Marthak Software Solutions Providing the better Responsive Web design solutions to clients.Progressive enhancement is a strategy for responsive web design that emphasizes accessibility relational to the user’s device. The aim is to allow everyone access to basic content and functionality of a website, starting with the smallest of devices (eg, your smartphone) and then gradually enhancing the experience as you move up to larger devices that have more advanced browser software, greater bandwidth and more powerful processing.

iOS Application Development

Marthak Software Solutions offer a wide range of custom iPhone app development services, Our customers come from around the globe. Marthak Software Solutions has a collection of skilled iOS developers. We have gathered the most talented and experienced professionals to work in a team to provide an excellent outcome in iPhone App Development.

Android Application Development

Marthak Software Solutions provinding the services of Android Mobile Application Development has become a rage in the mobile market and is predicted to be a best point in the mobile world. At Marthak Software Solutions, we have a team of professionals specializing in Android application development, and working steadily. We offer you multiple services from a simple mobile application evaluation to full Android application development.



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